The Abandoned Farm is the first map in Doublez Adventure.

Abandoned Farm

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You will enter a field. 2 Disguised Endermen will come and attack. 3 more will come after they are killed. You will proceed to the entrance of the barn. 4 Diguised Endermen will attack you now, and then 5 will come out of the barn. Then you will enter the barn.

Once you enter, you will be attacked by 4 Endermen, followed by another 4 and an Arrow Dispenser Enderman. After proceeding a bit, you will meet 2 more Arrow Dispenser Endermen, followed by 2 Endermen, 2 Arrow Dispenser Enderman, and a TNT Chest Enderman. After killing them, you will advance to the back of the barn, where Doublez is in a jail cell.

Doublez: "Help me!"

Then the Enderman Sentinel and two Arrow Chest Endermen wil appear. After killing the Arrow Chest Endermen and making the Enderman Sentinel teleport away, the jail cell will open and Doublez will come out.

Doublez: "Thank you! Now let's get out of here!"

DoubleTake8 will be in the "Himself" phase as he will help you. If he gets killed, you fail the map.

On the way back, you will encounter 2 TNT Chest Endermen before advancing to the barn door. At the barn door, you will find 3 TNT Chest Endermen and an Arrow Dispenser Enderman.

Once you make it outside, you will meet 4 Arrow Dispenser Endermen wearing masks. Once you advance to the gate, you will encounter 2 TNT Chest Endermen wearing masks and the Enderman Sentinel wearing a mask, After killing these 3, you will complete the map.

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