The Creeper Cental oOperations, or the CCoO, is the second level of Doublez Adventure.


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You will arrive at the CCoO's gates.

Doublez: "Here's the Iron ARMOR!"

Doublez gets inside his Iron ARMOR.

Doublez: "My scans show large amounts of Endermen inside."

2 TNT Chest Endermen and a Jetpack Enderman bust down the door. After defeating them, you will go inside.

Kitty (on radio): "There's been a breach!"

Doublez "I thought the new Hyrdo-Field was installed!"

Kitty: "But it was hacked and deactivated!"

Doublez "Darn. I just activated the reverse polatrator. Access to the network should kick in any minute. Meanwhile, prevent a breach to the mainframe until I get there."

Kitty: "Okay."

You will go inside and fight 2 more Jetpack Enderman. After proceeding a bit farther, you will run into a Wormhole Generator Enderman with 2 Endermen. After killing them, you will run into 2 Jetpack Enderman and one Wormhole Generator Enderman. After proceeding once more, you will run into 2 Wormhole Generator Enderman and a Mini Ender Dragon will appear.

Doublez: "Kitty, polatrator power is down. What happened?"

Kitty (on radio): "Enderman managed to get to the mainframe. I managed to take one down though"

Doublez: "Send me a picture of the tech they're using"

Kitty: "Done"

Doublez: "It seems like our tech augmented with something else. I've seen it before, I just can't place it."

You will then fight a Mini Ender Dragon Rider Enderman. Then you will fight 3 Wormhole Generator Endermen. Then you will fight a Mini Ender Dragon and 2 TNT Chest Endermen. Then you will proceed into the mainframe room.

Doublez: "I'll get 'em!"

Doublez blasts missles at two Endermen to kill them.

Kitty: "Doublez! Look out!"

The Hijacked Mech Suit drops down from the ceiling. After defeating it, Doublez will get the Hydro-Field back up and all the Endermen will teleport out.

Doublez: "They're going to an outpost near here!"

Kitty: "Great! Lets go!"

Doublez: "Not you. We just broke your mech suit, and you need to fix it!"

Kitty: "Okay! Good luck!"

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