The Chlorophyll Cannon

The Chlorophyll Cannon is a powerful plant that fires a deadly ray of sunlight after full charge (20 seconds.) 

It costs 35 morale to get this tower. It delivers powerful blows that are capable of wiping out several soldiers at once. It also has a decent HP stat. However, this is offset by its frality against fire and explosives and slow firing time. This tower works very well as a panic tower, saving its .charge for an emergency


Chlorophyll Cannon
Attack Damage: 1500
Health: 55 HP (10 when attacked with fire or explosives)
Special: Charges an enormous ray of sunlight that covers a large range, useful for obliterating hordes of low-level soldiers. Takes 20 seconds to charge.

When killed, it gives 10 morale.

Notable Flaws and FeaturesEdit


  • Incredibly weak to fire and explosives, be sure to keep it out of harm's way.
  • Long charge-up, CC does not get many hits off before death due to its frality.


  • Large chlorophyll absorber on back, takes in as much sunlight as possible before unleashing its beam. Has a wire that connects it to the main sun focuser.
  • Wheels that seem to serve no purpose besides supporting the tower, the CC is too heavy to be moved through normal means (The chlorophyll absorber is very very heavy.)


  • The art for this tower was made with MSPaint (as if it wasn't brutally obvious.)
  • The inspiration for this tower came from the Peashooter from Plants Vs. Zombies.
  • Despite being a plant, the cannon has no visible plant-like features. 
  • This is the 2nd (4th, if you count all the seperate mites) tower created by MTC.

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