Cranes are used to build bunkers.

Building bunkers

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Used to build bunkers


The Crane is an important part of Doublez Army. It will build bunkers. Bunkers will house troops, and have their effects. For example, if 2 Rifle Corporals and a Sonic Gunner were in a bunker, the bunker would fire 2 bullets per fire rate that do 2 damage and 1 blast per fire rate that would do 1 damage but would go through obstacles. Bunkers also have a health and will house the Crane that built it. For a Crane to work, it needs to have a Stockpile nearby to get materials from. Its building process will speed up if Builders are nearby.

Bunker TypesEdit

Bunker Types
Level Toughness Houseable
1 12D 3 units, + Crane and Builders
2 25D 7 units + Crane and Builders
3 50D 10 units + Crane and Builders
4 75D 25 units + Crane and Builders
5 85D 45 units + Crane and Builders
6 100D 60 units + Crane and Builders
7 150D 100 units + Crane and Builders

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