"I'm CRAAAAAZY"-Crazy Repeater

Crazy Repeater is selling stuff so head over to his shop! Buy stuff with Spongebob Tokens!


5x Awesome RwT Bomb - 25ST

10 Non-Gunners - 20ST

15 Thieves - 5ST

20 Policemen - 10ST

5x Beds - 5ST

2x Gaming Tables - 10ST

2x Dining Table -10 ST

1 Cage - 5 ST

1 Library - 20 ST

Guinea Pig - 2ST

Dog- 5ST (same stats)

Cat - 5ST (same stats)

Parrot- 2ST (ss)

Snail - 10ST (ss)

1 Pet Room-20ST

1 Soldier's Quarters-20ST

1 Dining Room-20ST

1 Bedroom-20ST


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