The Creeper Village is Btd456Creeper's village.


These tokens aren't good for Village War, though 2 of them apply to it.

  • Token Factory: 1 token given to you every 3 actions in the village. Costs 15 tokens. You can only have up to 3 at a time.
  • Soldier Training Facility: All soldiers in your army deal 1.2x as much damage and have 1.15x higher speed. Costs 20 tokens. You can only have up to 5 at a time.
  • Vehicle Workshop: All vehicles (including tanks, blimps, boats, etc.) in your army have 1.5x damage and have 1.2x higher speed. Costs 30 tokens. You can only have 1 at a time.


For Village War. The tokens used are only good in the current game of Village War.

  • Token Factory: Same as above, but every player starts with one and can have as many as they like. Oh, and they now give 2 tokens per turn.
  • EpicCreeper9001 Cannon: Spawns 10 creepers at the Skyward Castle. These creepers explode after 3 turns, dealing 20D each. Costs 30 tokens. 5-turn recharge after using.
  • Solid Beam Cannon: Like a Gigawatt Cannon Soldier, but nerfed to deal only 50 damage and has a wider area of effect. And a slower cooldown. Costs 50 tokens. 7-turn recharge after using. You can only have 1 at a time!
  • Anvil Cannon: Fires an anvil that deals 1D to the Skyward Castle, then falls on a unit nearby. This deals 50D to a soldier or 1D to a vehicle/building. Costs 15 tokens. No recharge! Oh, and these ignore shields that don't go overhead!
  • ULTIMATE MEGA CANNON: Only for emergency use, this has to charge up for 5 turns...but then does all of the other cannon moves FIVE TIMES. (Only one of the Solid Beam cannon blasts attacks the castle, the others try to hit soldiers) It then flies above the Skyward Castle, waits for all of the creepers to die and/or explode, and selfdestructs, causing it to spawn 100 gears, 50 pieces of the cannon's outerior, and a random epic face. (lolwut?) These things have the same effect as anvils, except only 10 damage to soldiers. And there are 151 of them. (Although only 25 hit the Skyward Castle to reduce overpoweredness) Costs 500 tokens. Each player can only use 1 per game.
  • Bridge: Not really a weapon, but allows up to 25 soldiers or 1 vehicle to move across (to the Skyward Castle) until it takes 1 IK. (150D) Costs 100 tokens.
  • Sturdy Bridge: Allows up to 1,000 soldiers or up to 40 vehicles to go to the Skyward Castle at once, and can survive 10 IK. (1500D) But costs 2,500 tokens.


This town is currently in ruins. Btd456Creeper has to repair it

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