Doublez Adventure is an adventure you can do with 1-2 people.

Doublez Adventure
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This is a special map series. They can only be played with 1-2 players and in order. You can only use 250 troops in each. Also, in most maps, there is someone to protect, and a boss to kill.


(#) Map Title-Mission-Boss-Protecting

(1) Abandoned Farm-Rescue Doublez from the endermen-Enderman Sentinel-DoubleTake8

(2) CCoO-Defeat the endermen invading the CCoO-Hijacked Mech Suit-DoubleTake8

(3) Enderman Outpost-Take down the nearby enderman outpost-OOF Virus-DoubleTake8

(4) N-Tek-Help N-Tek stop the invasion of Dreddnaughts and endermen-Jason Naught-DoubleTake8

(5) Mountain Range-Go to THI Weapons to stop Dredd-Elementor and CYTRO-Max Steel

(6) THI Weapons-Put a stop to Dredd once and for all!-Dredd-Max Steel

(7) Enderman Outpost #2-Invade the enderman outpost put close to THI Weapons-PIKAbot-DoubleTake8 and Max Steel

(8) Underground Fortress-Invade this fortress and find the End Portal-Toxzon-DoubleTake8 and Max Steel

(9) Enderman Portal Fort-Since the last one was a setup, invade the real deal this time-Enderman Sentinel-DoubleTake8 and Max Steel

(10) The End-Where endermen comefrom, this is a spooky place-Ender Dragon-Max Steel

(11) Ender Dragon Ride-While riding the Ender Dragon, defeat the possible leader of endermen-Enderman God-DoubleTake8, Max Steel and C.Y.T.R.O.

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