Lake is a map. In it there is a big lake to place water units. There is Land around the lake. 

A Lake (very peaceful :D)

Good Stuff

  • Water Units do 5 more damage
  • Lots of space for Water Unit
  • Good for Cloud Compressors

Bad Stuff

  • Not a lot of space for tanks/soldiers
  • Tanks do 5 less damage.

BOSS: Jack Hypno

CAMPAIGN MODE BOSS:Repeater W. Torchwood

Campaign Mode:

Level 1: 50 Thieves, 50 Policemen, 100 RwT Soldiers, 100 Kernel-Pult Soldiers

Level 2: 25 Spies, 75 Thieves, 100 RwT Soldiers, 100 RwT Tanks, 50 Kernel-Pult Soldiers

Level 3: 50 Spies, 100 Thieves, 100 RwT Tanks, 150 RwT Planes, 25 RwT Destroyers

Level 4: 100 Spies, 150 Thieves, 200 RwT Planes, 200 RwT Destroyers

Level 5: Repeater W. Torchwood

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