The maze. The colored lines only appear if the lever of that color is enabled. Black lines are always there. The gray dot is the tower.

Maze is a confusing area which is a...maze. :P Everyone starts outside the maze, and can enter or exit at any time. But there's more! Arched shots don't work inside the maze due to a roof. Also, the player's base is a mobile home that somehow fits in the maze, so you can move your base at any time! There's also a tower in the center with 5 floors, and a boss on top...There's also some levers in the tower to change the maze's configuration!

Good ThingsEdit

  • Miners and Mini Miners are very useful, as they don't need to travel through the maze.
  • It's very hard for other soldiers to find you.

Bad ThingsEdit

  • It's very hard to find other soldiers.

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