The Possessor is the boss of Maze. It is both the normal boss AND the Campaign boss. In Boss Mode, there are no enemies in the tower other than it. In Campaign mode, there are other enemies in the tower. Anyways, the Possessor's first phase has a low 50 HP and can't attack, but it chooses the strongest soldier on the battlefield to defend it every turn. In its second phase, it flies out of the tower and makes it unstable, and it will fall over in 5 turns, dealing 2 IK to anything still in it. Meanwhile, it possesses the entire MAZE to defend it, making the battlefield like Field, but with mobile bases. In this phase, it still has 50 HP, but has 5 pieces of the maze defending it, and each piece has 150 HP, making its health 800 HP! Oh, and it deflects piercing attacks, and still has the same possessing abilities as the first phase! After Phase 2, the pile of crushed bricks starts floating, and the Possessor comes out, then spawns clones of ALL of the soldiers that attacked it and all of the soldiers it possessed in both phases! This form has 100 HP and again, deflects piercing shots! (And doesn't posses soldiers) After Phase 3, it goes on to its final phase, in which it has 250 HP and hurls bricks at soldiers to deal 10D, and throws up to 3 at a time! AND anything that attacks it becomes possessed! This makes its total health a whopping 1,200 health!

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