Spinax is wild! It makes you win boss mode once defeated.







  • Phase 1 = Hits the player with petals that do 2D. Looks like a purple flower.
  • Phase 2 = stings the player with seeds that do 8D. Looks like a red onion bulb.
  • Phase 3 = smacks the player doing 10D. looks like a rotten hydreangea.
  • Phase 4 = scares the player doing 12D. looks like a dead hydreangea.
  • Phase 5 = bites player doing 17D. looks like a withering hydreangea.
  • Phase 6 = Shoots player doing 20D. looks like satan.


  • turns into Phase 2 on 8500 HP.
  • turns into Phase 3 on 7320 HP.
  • turns into Phase 4 on 6130 HP.
  • turns into Phase 5 on 5000 HP.
  • turns into Phase 6 on 1400 HP.
  • ONLY FOUND IN Tree Walk.

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