The TNT Chest Enderman throws TNT at your soldiers.

TNT Chest Enderman
My TNT used to be creepers...

Created by:



Depends on attack

Firing Rate:




Chest Toughness:



It acts just like an Enderman, except with a chest. The chest does not have the water weakness and attacks from the sides, behind, or above will bypass the chest. Once the chest is destroyed, he will act just like an Enderman. Since the chest is heavy, he can only use 1 move every 2 turns. He still has devestating attacks:

  • TNT Throw-Throws TNT that doe 8D to a small area
  • Chest Slam-Slams the chest into a closeby target, dealing 8D
  • Teleport-Teleports behind a target and uses Chest Slam. 8 turn cooldown, but the cooldown refreshes when the enderman itself is hit by a water attack

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