The TNT chests are badly.

These are TNT Chest Spiders. TNT Chest Spiders hold chests full of TNT.

TNT Chest Spiders throw TNT at you. They are spiders with chests full

of TNT.The TNT they throw is from their chests. If you kill them, they

drop their TNT chests. You open their chests and throw TNT at

monsters. Use their TNT chests to kill monsters and defeat bosses.

TNT chest spiders use the TNT chests to kill you! Use the TNT

chests to kill monsters. If you kill a lot of them, you get a ton

of TNT chests. First, you open the chests, then you grab some TNT and throw it at a monster.

That's the same thing the TNT chest spiders do. But they throw it at you.

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