"Epic Faces and Trolls....Beware..."-Mysterious Voice when you enter. You can spawn 5 soldiers in each battle, and 50 in each boss battle (The Trolling Troll, General Epic)

The first level of RWTA . There is 5 enemies in each level, and 1 boss and 5 enemies in each boss level.


RwT : This place is "epic". Get it?

CwW : Which is why we're here! Look at the epics!

You defeat 5 Epic Faces

CwW: That was an EASY battle!

RwT: More Epics??!!! Hey, these ones are rainbow!

You defeat 5 Rainbow Epic Faces

CwW: That was a MEDIUM battle!

RwT: *facepalm*.

CwW: Now, we've found another one: with a helmet!

General Epic : Oh no...we're being followed! ATTACK!

You defeat General Epic.

CwW: That was a...

RwT: SORT OF HARD battle! 

CwW and RwT: *laughs*

RwT: Now Trollolols!

You defeat 5 Trollolols

CwW: That was another MEDIUM battle. What's next?

RwT: a HARD Battle! *laughs*

CwW: It's the Trolling Troll!

The Trolling Troll: SO you defated my new allies! Well, you ain't defeating me!

CwW: Ain't? He has bad grammar.

RwT: Shut up! Let's fight!

You defeat The Trolling Troll .

CwW: Tokens!!!!!!!


Main Room-Leads to Epic Cavern, Trollolol Barracks and Outside

Epic Cavern-Leads to Main Room and Room of Epic Doom

Trollolol Barracks-Leads to Troll Throne Room and Main Room

Room of Epic Doom-Leads to Epic Cavern and Treasure Room

Troll Throne Room-Leads to Trollolol Barracks and Treasure Room

Treasure Room-Leads to Outside, Troll Throne Room and Room of Epic Doom

Things you have to doEdit

1. Defeat Epic Faces in Epic Cavern

2. Find General Epic in Room of Epic Doom

3. Defeat Rainbow Epic Faces in Room of Epic Doom

4. Find General Epic in Treasure Room

5. Defeat General Epic in Treasure Room

6. Defeat Trollolols in Troll Throne Room

7. Defeat The Trolling Troll in Trollolol Barracks.

8. Go to Outside and collect 10 Spongebob Tokens

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