Treasure is exclusive to treasure mode. Treasure in treasure mode is a score of how many points each treasure gives to help the player win. Each treasure has a weight to tell how many soldiers need to lift it please say your soldiers weight!


This is the list of treasure.

Shiny SwordEdit

  • Worth 20 points.
  • Rarity = Common
  • Weight = 0.3
  • I used to play with these, I would throw them at Meat Hogs and they would break killing it, Oh, so much fun! -Xztc2573
  • Found in =

Spinax PetalEdit

  • Worth 250 points.
  • Rarity = Rare
  • Weight = 1.5
  • A beautyful yet dangerous petal, its from a plant that atracts animals with its beauty then eats them whole! -Xztc2573

Lucky WaffleEdit

  • Worth 140 points.
  • Rarity = Uncommon
  • Weight = 0.6
  • I like lucky waffles! they bring luck to a gluttonous person! -Xztc2573

Blue MoraleEdit

  • Worth 1 point.
  • SPECIAL = instead of being single its comes in packs of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50 and 125.
  • Rarity = VERY COMMON
  • Weight = 0.1
  • Back when I turned 18 I was mining in a morale cave when I found this! At first I thought it was saffire but then I realised it was some sort of a rare kind of morale! -Xztc2573

Potato TotemEdit

  • Worth 230 points.
  • Rarity = Rare
  • Weight = 1.8
  • This structure is very weird, shiny but looks like a stack of baked potato's... I wonder how its tastes. -Xztc2573


  • Worth 900 points
  • Rarity = Rare
  • Weight = 10.4
  • This is Amazing on the day of an avalanche I found this! It saved my life, they are so strong.

Calcified RemagonEdit

  • Worth 1200 points.
  • Rarity = LEGENDARY
  • Weight = 57.4
  • Just like a remagon, It is perplexing and ominous... It reminds me of sadness. -Xztc2573

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