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  • Hypno1337

    Now seems as good a time as any for featured article/user.

    Note: Don't vote for your own thing if possible. (It just looks cheesy).

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  • Hypno1337

    Seeing as it does not exist on the front page, we need to set some general rules and information on how this wiki works, e.g

    • what a "reasonably powered" page is like.
    • General rules for the forum battles.
    • Rules for how to make a team e.g what amounts of units is a good idea, so "Well, for a unit like ... there should be X of those".
    • And other things to help a new person to the wiki i mean, if the only actual info on what you do on the wiki is "On this wiki, you can build pages about your minions, soldiers, vehicles, and weapons, then battle with friends and foes on the forums! OP pages will be deleted, as you could possibly win a ton of battles with them." Then that may confuse some people. Having more indepth information on how the battles work…
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  • Hypno1337

    Basically what the title means is, what are the values for each individual stat,so how high is "X health/damage/morale cost/whatever".

    So how significant would lets say, 10 health be? Is it a pretty huge amount or is that quite low? How much health/damage/whatever is considered "high" "medium" or "low"?

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