Village Gates is a level in RWTA. It is DwC's first appearence.


RwT: The mayor said that some dang zombies went through here!

CwW: But it's sealed!

RwT: I know. Hmmm.....

DwC: Hey, guys! I found the zombie's hole! You can get through it!

RwT: Nice one, Doom!

DwC: But...It's sealed my some Helmet Zombies!!

RwT: Oh, dang!

CwW: We can get them!

You defeat 5 Helmet Zombies.

CwW: They were EASY!

DwC: Not!

RwT: Come on, guys!

DwC: Oh my gosh! Look at that! 

CwW: A ton of Military Zombies!


DwC: Let's sneak by them!!!!!!!

RwT- We may of sneaked by them...but Bomb Zombies!

You fight 5 Bomb Zombies.

CwW- We're still in the tunnel!

RwT- So, beware of creepy stuff.

CwW: What?


You fight 5 Giant Worms

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